Designer Websites and more!

Wordpress Website DesignMaintenance + Support

Designer Websites and more!

Wordpress Website DesignMaintenance + Support

WordPress Website Design and Development

We design and develop designer WordPress websites for small to medium businesses, blogs, e-commerce stores, professional portfolios and more. Along with up-to-date designs, we use premium themes, rigorously tested plugins and optimum customization methodologies to make your website effective, attractive and fast. Aspects like security, mobile responsiveness and SEO are an integral part for all the sites we develop.

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Minimum 3 to maximum 100 pages

Estimated costs

1) Extra costs for variable items (if required) and not mentioned above, will be added in the confirmed quote. Example: membership add-on, dedicated video hosting, premium e-commerce setup etc
2) By default, all websites we develop are responsive, meaning they are optimized for standard and currently-in-use mobiles / tablets / desktops. They are secured by default with basic SSL certificate, CDN routing and with a basic internal security scanner like 'Wordfence'..

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Some of our projects!

  • Work-In-Progress
  • Work-In-Progress
  • H.H.Hauser
  • Wordpress Website Design, Maintenance & Support
    Mia Praught
    Musician / Singer Portfolio
  • Wordpress Website Design, Maintenance & Support
    Miles and Smiles
    Travels and Tours Business Website
  • Wordpress Website Design, Maintenance & Support
    Usha Diagnostics
    Pathology Lab Website

Maintenance and Support Services

WordPress powers 25 to 30 % of the internet. Open Source platform, user friendly CMS (Content Management System) and scalability makes it super popular, but this also makes it vulnerable to numerous hackers trying to steal your database or to inject malware, adware and other nasty things in your websites.

Thus regular core maintenance and security optimization is very, very important for a healthy website (BTW Google loves a healthy website!), for which you may not have enough time or even if you do have time, may not have the technical expertise to handle unexpected issues. This is where we come in!

Our offer as below is quite simple with fixed ‘Maintenance’ and variable ‘Support’ cost components. Both these components are not necessarily tied to each other, i.e support can be provided with or without MMP and vice versa.

Monthly Maintenance Packages (MMP)

  1. BASIC @ 85 USD per month for monthly core, theme, plugins updates, monthly offsite backups and security scans, identify issues + recommend solutions and 25% discount on hourly support charges.
  2. PREMIUM @ 150 USD per month for core, theme, plugins updates (as required), daily offsite backups, 24/7 security scans, 24/7 uptime monitoring, Google Analytics, monthly report and identify issues + recommend solutions and 50% discount on hourly support charges.

On-demand Support 

@ 60 USD per hour (before MMP discount) for any major content updates, new sections, pages, functionalities and other website changes on case-to-case basis.

*Support can be provided with or without MMP.

Please contact us for your FREE WordPress website audit to start off this process.

Client Testimonials

The clean design and functionality have helped me promote my products and most of all increased my bottom line.

It helped us dramatically. At any given time I can see exactly what’s happening with my business.

The website has transformed my business and has given me piece of mind. I have at my beckon call very professional and smart designers to help with any of my worries.

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